Razor Bumps on Vagina After Shaving, Itchy Vag Pimples, Treatment

Razor Bumps on Vagina, Pimple on Vag After Shaving, Get Rid, Remedy

Razor bumps on vagina are those small lumps or bumps you see on vagina lips, labia or vulvar after shaving. When infected, these vaginal bumps can be filled with fluids and become very painful.

They may be confused with STD bumps when this happens. They can also cause white itchy pimples on vagina lips and the pubic area depending on the type of skin you have.

Vaginal razor bumps can also appear like a red rash which are burning and tender to touch after shaving. Bumps are said to appear in any part of your body that has been shaved due to irritation of the skin and poor shaving techniques. Using blunt blades to shave can also cause razor bumps on vagina.

Razor bumps actually comes into two main types namely:


This means that your hair will exit the skin but after sometimes it gets back to your skin and starts to grow leading to razor bump formation.

Trans follicular

On the other contrary transfollicular is whereby hair stays under skin surface as it grows and this leads to appearance of bumps on your skin.

The causes of razor bumps on your skin that causes irritation can be as a result of: dull razor blades that was used for shaving, bacteria on the razor blade and improper shaving like pressing too hard while shaving.

Pimples on vagina after shaving

There is no body part that tends to be so sensitive than the female genital area. Shaving of the female private area always irritates your skin causing razor bumps on vagina that may also look like look like pimples.

When infected, they will look like white pimples on vagina after shaving. Ingrown hair after shaving vag is one of the common causes of these bumps.

Vaginal pimples look like a hair raising situation that causes discomfort. This results as an infection of the hair follicles which curls back into your skin and causes pimples. Folliculitis should not be of worry because it occurs and always disappears on its own.

Although hair follicles can also get infected due to vaginal region that enhances growth of boils. This is because of moisture, bacteria and friction that occurs more around the vaginal area.

Seek medical attention when your pimple becomes redder, larger, tender and warm it might be as a result of a developing infection.

  1. There are several things we can consider while shaving in order to reduce appearance of bumps on vagina.
  2. Avoid dry shaving that will irritate your skin, it is advisable to shave during or after shower since your skin and hair is still soft due to steam.
  3. Always replace your razor blade any time you need to shave to keep your skin away from being irritated.
  4. When removing the hair use shaving gel that will help to sooth your skin.
  5. It is important to shave in a downward motion on order to avoid going against your hair growth.
  6. If you are not using shaving creams utilize bar soaps to keep the surface smooth while shaving. This reduces chances of bumps development.
  7. Avoid shaving one single place several times which might sharpen your pubic hair leading to ingrown development.
  8. Keep away from products that irritate your ski during shaving such as fragranced soaps.
  9. Use a moistening lotion to keep the shaved area moist.

Genital herpes

In addition, herpes sores that appear around your vagina tends to look more similar to bumps and ingrown hair. The sores are tender to touch, and always reddish in color. They are very painful when it pop out once in a while.

Infected pimples on vagina after shaving and razor bumps

Vaginal pimples are not usually very serious condition though tend to cause a great discomfort to a person. Labia majora, labia minora and the vulva area can also be infected with pimples. Ingrown hair bump on vagina after shaving is the most common cause of vaginal bumps.

There are different factors that can leads to developments of whiteheads, bumps and pimple on your groin area. In most cases it is considered to be much normal, though it causes a lot of discomfort.

After shaving or waxing your vaginal lips and vulva when pimples occurs, shaving should be the cause of pimple appearance.

Apart from ingrown hair on your vaginal area that causes pimples, there are other factors that causes razor bumps to occur which include:

Contact dermatitis this is a reaction that irritates your skin comes in contact with something that is sensitive i.e. soaps that has fragrance.

Hidradenitis suppurativa it is a chronic disease of the sweat gland which causes pimple like lesions around the vulva area.

Molluscum contagiosum is another cause of bumps due to viral infection in the genital area. The bump will tend to have an identification at its center.

Some pimple might look confusing unlike the genital herpes that will appear around your vaginal vulva and anus.

Bartholin’s cysts temp to be confusing since they usually appear on side of vaginal opening and seems to be very painful with time.

It is important to seek an appointment with your physician when whiteheads, blackheads ‘cyst or razor bumps on vagina tend to occur.

Razor bumps on vagina are sometimes filed with clear, yellow or green pus. This symptom tends to confuse a lot of people with sexually transmitted infection since they seem alike.

Difference between razor bumps and STD bumps

Keeping your vaginal area healthy is quite good, this is because of its sensitivity.  Since it is sensitive, it might be attacked very easily makes with infections such as razor bumps and STDs.It always feels suspicious when lumps, bumps and spots tend to appear around your genital area.

When the bump hearts like making you feel uncomfortable and feels tender while you touch that might just be an ingrown hair or whitehead which are said to be harmless.

There are several factors to look for in order to differentiate between razor bumps and STDs which includes:

Razor bumps are tender to touch and they seem not to be very painful but when you got a fever, headache and body pains this is a genital herpes sign.

In most cases razer bumps pimples are always closed but when it comes to herpes they develop bump within some days, the bump will open and develop into an oozy lesion.

This bumps can result into very serious problems.it is advisable to see your gynecologist for medical attention. Yeast infection bumps and yeast infection rash are also confusing with razor bumps.

Is the bump jagged or smooth?

If you have a smooth painless and bump that tends appear from your skin this is probably a sign of skin tag. They always appear everywhere on your body though the most attacked areas are places in our skins which tend to form some folds like the groins, neck armpit and area around breast part.

In a situation whereby the bumps tend to be jagged and feels rough when touched like a cauliflower could be a sign of a developing genital herpes.

Types of whiteheads, blackheads, and cysts and what caused them.

Razor bump on vagina can be as a result of whitehead which is formed as a result of dead skin cells on the skin and bacteria which are trapped on your pores. This can be as a result of increased oil production in the body.

Blackheads on the other hand appears due to clogged hair follicles which causes bumps in your genital area. Comedo is a type of bump that is formed when the dead skin cells and oil collect together to your skin.

Cysts on Vagina Lips

Cysts it looks like a pocket of tissues which is filled up with fluid and air that forms a bump on your genital.it is said to affect any part of the body that is folded i.e. neck, armpit and genital area. Cysts is caused due to infections, injuries, parasites or blockage of ducts in the body.

There are different types of cysts which include:

Skene duct

Skene duct cysts they are mostly found in the urinary region. They are very small in size though very painful. They cause burning due to the present of acid in your urine when squeezed.

Ovarian cysts

Ovarian cysts this is a formation of sac bag on the ovarian surface which is filled with fluid this cyst are said to form as a result of endometriosis. They are also known as chocolate cysts because of fluid color in them which is dark reddish-brown blood.

Sebaceous cysts

Sebaceous cysts this is formed when the sebaceous glands that help in skin lubrication gets distracted from various reasons. They are always painless but in some cases they might grow more bigger causing a lot of discomfort.

Signs and symptoms of razor bumps on vagina

  1. Razor bumps will always appear as a red rash after shaving.
  2. Some people develop itchiness that is not normal.
  3. in your pubic area you might experience a burning sensation.
  4. The bump always feels tender to touch.
  5. You will develop rush on your skin.
  6. There will be a formation of red bump cluster in an area.
  7. Your skin will dry up

Can you remove razor bumps on genital area overnight?

There is a method that can be carried out overnight in order to get rid of razor bumps.it usually carried out by using sharp object like the needle in order to realize the trapped hair follicles. This method is not well recommended especially when the vaginal bumps are in cluster.

Razor Bumps on Vagina, Pimple on Vag After Shaving, Get Rid, Remedy
Razor Bumps on Vagina, Pimple on Vag After Shaving, Get Rid, Remedy

How to Get Rid of Razor Bumps on vagina Naturally Fast

Here are a few tips you can use at home to naturally get rid of bumps on vagina after shaving. Always note that if those bumps become very itchy and start spreading or turning into blisters, seek medical advice immediately. You should also never use any remedies that irritate and itch your skin.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is known to be essential in healing your skin. This is due to various substances contained in its solution. Its cream plays a role of dealing with razor bumps when applied to the affected area. Its juice helps to moisturize your skin and reduces skin irritation.

To prepare aloe Vera paste, use one leaf of it that is ready, pound it until the gel comes out. Collect the gel in ja bowl applied it on the affected skin and leave it for about 20minutes until it dries. Clean the area using cold water for better results.

Hot compress

In this method you can make a hot compress by soaking a cotton towel in hot water. Press the cotton gently against your skin area that is affected. This helps in opening up clogged pores that cause razor bumps on vagina thus allowing trapped air to be free. Use a needle remove the hair that is curled.

Cucumber and milk mask

Mainly bumps are associated with redness and itchiness this can be gotten rid of by using cucumber and milk. Blend one cup of cucumber pure with one cup of milk. Make a solution and apply to the affected area, leave it for a few minute when it dries. Finally rinse with cold water the affected area, for better results practice this procedure severally in a day.

In addition, raw papaya and frozen cucumber pure can be of help. Form a paste by blending frozen cucumber puree with the raw papaya. Apply your paste to the affected area and finally rinse with cold water. By rubbing raw cucumber on the affected area is also said to be of help.

Tea tree oil

It contains anti-bacterial properties that help to sooth razor bumps. The oil can either be mixed with oil or water. Place a teaspoon of olive oil in a bowl add few drops of tea tree oil.

Massage the affected area with a cotton dumped into the solution. Wash with lukewarm water for better results.

Cold compress

It is the most effective way of soothing burning itchy razor bumps on vagina. Dip a piece of cloth in water that has been refrigerated, massage the genital area using this cold piece of cloth for several times. This reduces itchiness of razor bumps and soothes the affected area.in some instance you might place pieces of ice cubes in a piece of cloth and achieve the same procedure.

Honey and plain yoghurt

Honey is known to be an antibacterial that reduces irritation on the skin that is affected with razor bumps. Take two spoons of honey and mix it with a teaspoon of plain yoghurt. Mix thoroughly to make a solution.

Using a cotton bag sock it in the solution and apply on your genital area which is being affected. Allow it to dry for almost 15 minutes, rinse in lukewarm water. The treatment should always be done 3 times within a day for better results.

Witch hazel

This is also another natural home remedy that helps in treatment of razor bumps.it acts like a moisturizer that helps to hydrate your outer skin.it helps to fight against ingrown hair that causes bumps on your genital after shaving.it is a natural product that combat inflammation.


You can use homemade mask with aspirin which is a good home remedy for razor bumps on vagina after shaving treatment. Use aspirin to make a smooth paste. Take about 5 aspirin which is not coated and mix in water to make paste.

Apply to the affected area and leave it for about 15minutes.Rub it of gently but in a situation whereby it becomes to dry apply moisturizer. Aspirin helps to reduce swelling and treat infections.


Lemon juice is naturally acid this helps to stop bacteria from colonizing ingrown hair follicles.it helps to reduce inflammation on your genital area. Apply lemon juice on the affected area to reduce redness and to prevent infection.it is always not advisable to use it on an open sore.

Baking soda and coconut oil

The texture of baking soda makes it a good home remedy, that helps to get rid of dead skin cells that are known to cause razor bumps on vagina due to clogged or blocked pores .it also reduces swelling and prevent bacterial infection. Mix 2 tablespoon of coconut oil with a table spoon of baking powder to make a paste.

Massage the paste on your razor bump and leave it for a few minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water, to reduce occurrence of razor bumps repeat the producer twice in a week for better results.

White tea

White tea bag contains tannic acid which is useful for razor bumps treatment.it helps to reduce inflammation. Wet your tea bag in cold water press it several times on the affected area this will reduce swelling and redness on your genital area.

Apple cider vinegar

This is an effective home remedy for razor bumps on vagina. It also helps to prevent spread of infections, since it is a natural antiseptic to the skin. Mix equal amounts of apple cider with water.

Deep a cotton piece of cloth to your solution and apply. If it is your first time to use vinegar leave it for about 5minutes to prevent skin reaction since you are not exposed that much to vinegar.

Roll-on deodorant

It helps to soothe your itchiness and redness to the affected area. Furthermore, it also prevents from rubbing the affected area hence causing further irritation. Apply unscented roll on deodorant to the affected area and leave it to dry for about 5minutes.repeat this procedure several times in a day for better results.

Sea salt scrub

Salt contains detoxifier that contains mineral which are found in the sea naturally. This mineral is very beneficial to our skin and will also help in getting rid of pimples and razor bumps on vagina after shaving. mix 1 tablespoon of sea salt and come up with a thick paste.to your paste you can either add few drops of lavender oil.

Massage the mixture on your skin leave it for a few minutes and rinse with warm water. This procedure should be done twice I a week for better observation. Never massage an open wound with this paste.

Hydrocortisone cream

It consists of an inflammatory effect which is similar to witch hazel though it tends to be much stronger.it is a treatment which helps to treat irritated and swollen skins.to use apply to the affected area as prescribed by your doctor.


Use to pop and get rid of razor bumps on vagina. This is a natural way of extracting ingrown hair by plucking it out using a pair of clean sterilized tweezers. Before use make sure you sterilize by dipping it in boiling water to kill germs. During the process pluck out hair by holding its free end and uproot.

Salicylic acid

This cream is known to rich in salicylic acid that is helpful to the skin.it helps to get rid of dead skin and cleans pores from the skin surface that reduces rash appearance.

Apply to the affected area and wash after few minutes. If you experience peeling of your skin avoid it because it might be sensitive to your skin.

How long do razor bumps on vagina last?

Razor bumps are raised bumps which appears after shaving.in other cases they might become irritated and be infected leading to pimple development. pseudoffoculitis barbae is another name that can be used in place of razor bumps.

Most razor bumps last about a week but when picked or irritated they last longer.it is always a good idea to leave them heel naturally since they are already infection.

Can vaginal razor bump be popped out?

It is always advisable not to trigger vaginal bumps. This is because of the infection that is contained in it.it will have affected area to become irritated and worsen the situation.

When its triggered it turns to a boil filled with pus and becomes more painful than usual. Since your genital is much more sensitive avoid pricking pimples around it, because it can lead to serious infection.

Privations that might cause vaginal irritation include:

  1. Friction is caused by tight clothing that might lead to skin irritation.
  2. Keep away underpants which are made of synthetic fibers instead use cotton once.
  3. Never touch the pimple more often even if it feels itchy.
  4. When taking a bath avoid too hot water.
  5. Avoid soaps that are scented which might irritate your skin.

According to healthline, “treating razor burn is usually as easy as waiting out your symptoms. Unless you’re experiencing extreme discomfort, leave the area alone and let the issue resolve on its own. You should avoid shaving the affected area for a few weeks to prevent further irritation. But if you’re dealing with extreme pain or itchiness, you may want to consider your options for treatment. Oftentimes, you can use the things you have at home to find relief”


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