Razor Bumps on Vagina, Get rid of Lumps, Pimples on Vag After Shaving

Razor bumps on vagina are not new to any woman who shaves the vaginal area. Although they are similar to ingrown hair in private area, vaginal razor bumps become inflamed, red and may at times start filling up with colorless fluids or white pus when infected. Itchy white bumps on vag after shaving can be confused with STD. 

Lets look at how to get rid of razor bumps on vag, pubic area, pimples or bumps after shaving and what to know about STD bumps.

Razor bumps on vaginal pubic area may look like rush in some cases
Razor bumps on vaginal pubic area may look like rush in some cases

For women who shave their entire bodies—including the underarms and their legs, there is a high likelihood that they have become familiar with this phenomenon. Razor bumps on vagina are mainly caused by-having sensitive skin, shaving without soap or cream, using a blade that is very blunt, as well as practicing the wrong shaving techniques.

Often, you will find that many women end up making use of moisturizing cools, which is aimed at cooking the affected region or area. Although it is a temporary solution, it does provide some relief from the symptoms associated with the bumps.

Pimples on vagina after shaving

When a woman shaves her pubic hair, it is not uncommon for her to end up with some ingrown hairs. The pubic hair near the woman’s vagina tends to be curlier than the hair located on the head or even arms, and this is bound to result in ingrown hairs upon shaving.

  • Ingrown hairs are annoying in nature, and will often cause pimples when a person attempts to shave. If you notice that this pimple has started becoming redder, larger, tender, or warm, it may be a sign that you have gotten an infection, and you should begin making plans to visit your practitioner or doctor.

To reduce the frequency of razor bumps on vagina as well as ingrown hairs, it will be important to avoid dry shaving, and start making use of creams, as well as shaving gels.

  • Additionally, it will be important to start shaving in the direction of your hair growth, rather than going against it, and this will assist in preventing irritation in the vaginal area.

You should note that not all bumps are ingrown hairs or pimples. For instance, the bumps around your vagina that is tender and reddish in color, even at their base could be herpes sores.

  • These sores are often very tender, even prior to their appearance, and once they appear, they can be very painful, and will in some cases disappear within a few days.

In some cases, the bumps could appear every once in a while, and in other cases, they may never appear again. You may also see more here How to remove ingrown hair

Infected pimples on vagina after shaving and razor bumps

The pimples appearing on your vagina may affect different areas of your vaginal anatomy. It is possible to get a pimple on the labia lips for instance on labia majora and labia minora, as well as the vulva area. One of the most common causes of bumps along the vagina is an ingrown hair bump after shaving.

  • If you have noticed that you are always getting pimples on your vulva and vaginal lips after waxing or shaving, then the likely cause for this is the shaving technique that you are using. You should realize that swollen ingrown pubic hairs might easily look like warts, boils, or even genital warts.

According to Dr. Axe,  “razor bumps on vagina caused by an ingrown hair are more than likely going to be itchy partly because they irritate the skin surface. As hair begins to curl back into the female skin revolving around your genitals, a visible raised bump will start to emerge. On emergence, the bump will be in the form of a pimple, and it will be very itchy”

It is important to make sure that you do not confuse the ingrown hairs with the genital warts.

According to Mayo Clinic, “genital warts in women will usually grow on the vaginal walls as well as on the vulva. At times, the skin between the anus, as well as the external areas of a woman’s’ genitalia, anal canal, as well as the cervix will be affected”

Infected razor bumps ingrown hairs bumps puss filled
Infected razor bumps ingrown hairs bumps puss filled

Are those razor bumps or STD (Difference between razor bumps and STD)

The skin around the vagina happens to be the most delicate in her entire anatomy. It therefore, comes as no surprise that it is an easy target for infections and various other issues, ranging from zit breakouts, razor bumps on vagina, to more serious issues such as STDs.

Therefore, when a suspicious lump, spot, or bump suddenly starts to shown up in this area, how do you go about determining whether it is okay for you to ignore it, or to go about seeking medical attention. The only way for a woman to be truly sure about what she is facing is to visit her gynecologist. In case you are not ready to do that yet, you can try asking yourself the following questions.

You may also see more here yeast infection bumps and yeast infection rash to avoid confusing those with razor bumps on vagina. Symptoms may sometimes appear to be similar thus encase you are not sure, please seek immediate medical attention for proper diagnosis.

Does this bump hurt, and if yes, how badly?

According to Dr. Mary Jane Minkin, (the clinical professor of Ob-gyn at the Yale School of Medicine) “if the discomfort is mild or it is tender to the touch than being truly painful, then you are probably dealing with a harmless ingrown hair or whitehead”

Often, genital warts do not cause any kind of pain, therefore, the only STD to be worried about at this point would be herpes. Herpes is characterized by an outbreak of blisters that hurt a lot, and often tend to be painful when urinating. As such, if the pain is too much, you need to see your doctor.

Is the bump jagged or smooth?

If you have a smooth and painless bump that is jutting from your skin, then you are probably dealing with nothing more but a skin tag.

Skin tags are common benign growths, which often pop along different body areas, particularly in areas where the skin rubs against any other areas of your skin, such as upper thighs and groin.

If the bump on your vagina just out in the same manner, but feels rough and jagged, such as a cauliflower, it is likely that you are dealing with genital warts, and if not, it is merely razor bumps on vagina.

Razor bumps on vagina
Razor bumps on vagina

Is the bump open or closed?

If you have one or several bumps that are closed, and have remained closed until healing time, this means that you are dealing with razor bumps on vagina.

If you notice that the bump is painless and is just beneath or is located on either side of your vagina, you could be dealing with a bartholin’s cyst. It occurs when one of the glands is clogged.

Bumps on vagina with white head, Black head, Puss filled, with no puss

Whiteheads, bumps, or pimples appearing on your female genitalia may be caused by various factors. Regrettably, the condition is not only annoying, but it is also very common. Often, they do not indicate a bad situation, say an STD, and are not life threatening, or contagious.

However, once you start noticing whiteheads, blackheads, cysts, or razor bumps on vagina, it will be time to book an appointment with your physician. Seeing your doctor is better than stressing out the issue on your mind.

Types of whiteheads, blackheads, and cysts, and what causes them

Razor bumps on vagina, cysts, and pimples are more common than many women would image. Apart from appearing in the genital region, they can also appear in other areas of your body. However, once they appear on the female genitalia, a blocked skin gland around the vaginal area will most likely have caused them.

Different kinds of cysts are quite common along with this condition, and they include:

  1. Bartholin cysts—they are large, grow very fast, and are usually very painful. In many cases, you will find them on the lower portion of your labia marjora or on either side of the vagina
  2. Skene’s duct cysts—they are smaller and are not very painful. In most cases, they are found around the region where you urinate. In case they erupt or get squeezed, they can burn from the acid present in the urine or they could cause a lot of pain.

    Herpes and genital warts should not be considered to be razor bumps on vagina
    Herpes and genital warts should not be considered to be razor bumps on vagina

Some causes of razor bumps on vagina

Before we look at what causes the razor bumps on vagina, it is important to first look at what causes them, as well as the accompanying symptoms.

  1. Subjecting the body to a very close vaginal shave and poor shaving techniques that cause ingrown hair bumps
  2. Shaving in itself is quite problematic, as it sharpens the end of your pubic hair, and this provides it with more scope for it to pierce your skin, and in the process become ingrown
  3. Utilizing bar soaps—especially bar soaps that do not provide you with enough lubrication to facilitate a smooth shave—what you need to understand is that the smoother the shave, the less your chances of developing razor bumps on vagina
  4. Using one razor for more than ten shaves. This would mean that the blade has started to become dull, and as such, it is ineffective, which means that it will lead to the emergence of bumps, and redness around the area.
  5. Curly hair—curly hair often tends to grow out of your skin, before it can start growing inwards


  1. Emergence of inflamed, raised razor bumps on vagina after you have shaved
  2. You may appear as though you have developed a serious acne case, regardless of how unlikely the area appears
  3. In some cases, they may look like rashes instead of acne or pimples
  4. A burning sensation or signs of irritation on an area that you have recently shaved, such as your pubic area.

How to get rid razor bumps on vagina using home remedies

Having looked at the causes and the symptoms it is now time to look at the remedies that you can use to take care of the razor bumps on vagina. Always remember to see your doctor in case of bumps that won’t go away or keep coming back.

1. Aloe vera

When you notice razor bumps starting to form on your pubic area, you can always turn to aloe vera gel. Aloe vera comes with numerous properties, which makes it ideal for use in soothing and treating the razor bumps that may be forming in your vaginal region.

What to do at home

  1. Obtain an aloe plant, and proceed to break off the tip of the leaf
  2. Use a finger to extract the juice and apply it on the inflamed region
  3. If an aloe vera plant is not readily available, consider purchasing a cream, but ensure that it does not come up with any artificial components

2. Cold compress

It is very common for women to experience burning sensations in the skin around their vaginal region, as well as their underarms after they are done shaving. It is a simple, but effective remedy that you can use to overcome the burning and itchy feeling being experienced on your vaginal area. A cold compress not only helps you do away with the inflammation, but it also ensures that this razor burn will not grow in size.

What to do at home

  1. Grab a handful of ice cubes and wrap them using a towel or a piece of cloth
  2. Grab the cold compress and place it on the pubic area
  3. Let it stay there for between five and ten minutes before removing
  4. Repeat the remedy at least three times each day

3. Hot compress

A hot compress is very similar to a cold compress, the only difference being that it is prepared by dipping cotton wool in a bowl of warm water

What to do at home

  1. Take the hot cotton wool, or towel and dip it in some warm water
  2. You should let the towel stay on your skin surface for at least three minutes before removing it
  3. Allow the surface to breathe for a while before repeating it all over again
  4. The hot compress assists in opening up your skin pores, and this will make it possible for the trapped hair in your pubic area to be freed.
  5. You should use this remedy as soon as you have completed shaving

4. Aspirin

Aspirin, yes, it does help in soothing razor bumps on vagina. It is a simple home remedy, which can be prepared by relying on the aspirin already present in your medical cabinet, or by obtaining some from the local pharmacy.

What to do at home

  1. Take a few aspirins and crush them to form some powder
  2. Combine the aspirin powder with a single teaspoon of water to form a fine paste
  3. Ensure you apply this paste on your pubic region at least two times each day
  4. Once applied, you will need to ensure that you leave it in place for at least ten minutes
  5. After ten minutes have elapsed, use some warm water to wash the paste off from your pubic area

5. Witch hazel

If you can get your hands on some witch hazel, you should seriously consider using it to deal with the annoying razor bumps. It helps in reducing redness, irritation, and itchiness, and this makes it one of the best remedies for use when dealing with this problem.

What to do at home

  1. Take a small amount of witch hazel and proceed to apply it directly over the region that is affected
  2. Allow it to remain over the bumps for at least two hours before you can wash it off
  3. Apply the witch hazel at least once each day

5. Lemon juice

Thanks to its acidic properties, lemon juice comes in handy when a woman is dealing with razor bumps. The acidic properties contained in lemon juice will make sure that the bacteria stays away, and this will help prevent chances of getting an infection.

What to do at home

  1. Obtain a few lemons and extract the juice from the lemons
  2. Take this juice and rub it onto the areas that are sore, and then let it do its job by letting it stay there for at least half an hour
  3. Always make sure you use fresh lemon juice extracted from lemons, as lemon juice obtained from the supermarkets may contain artificial additives, which will make it less effective
  4. When using lemon juice to deal with razor bumps, make sure to exercise caution as it can react with exposed parts of your skin causing a painful sting

6. Honey

Honey is a great home remedy for dealing with this kind of problem thanks to its soothing and antibacterial properties.

The properties help ensure that the bumps are eliminated with ease, and very fast. Additionally, honey also helps make sure that the affected pubic area does not become infected, while at the same time making sure that the skin remains moisturized at all times.

What to do at home

  1. Obtain raw, and unfiltered honey and apply it over the region that is infected
  2. Allow the honey to remain on your skin for at least ten minutes before allowing it to dry
  3. Once it is dry, use cold water to rinse it off from your skin
  4. Alternatively, combine plain yogurt with honey, and then apply it over your pubic area. You should allow it to stay there for at least fifteen minutes before washing it off using warm water

7. Black tea bags

Black tea bags are not only readily available at home, but they are also effective when it comes to dealing with these bumps, thanks to the fact that they contain tannic acid. The tannic acid assists in reducing irritation as well as the redness that is associated with these kinds of bumps

What to do at home

  1. Obtain a tea bag and immerse it in some warm water
  2. Allow the teabag to cool before you can place it over the region that is affected.
  3. Ensure you repeat application at least three times each day until you get desirable results

Precautions to take before shaving

  1. Before shaving, make sure you take a hot shower as it helps open up your pores, and this assists in preventing the occurrence of vaginal bumps
  2. When you are done shaving, ensure you wash the shaved region using cold water
  3. Always make sure that you use a good, quality shaving gel
  4. It will be important to avoid using soap bars as they tend to provide you with a rough shave
  5. When shaving, you should follow the direction of your hair growth
  6. Ensure you moisturize the area that you have shaved

Avoid shaving if you can

It will be best if you can consider doing away with the act of shaving. For a woman, numerous options are available to you such as using hair removal creams or waxing your pubic region. In case, this is not possible, consider using a clean needle to assist you release the shaft after you have noticed a razor bump starting to form—it helps in ensuring that the bump does not grow any more.

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There are numerous razor bumps treatments that you can use to assist you calm the sensitive skin, which is highly probe to getting bumps.


When dealing with bumps, creams are one of the trusted and most reliable treatment options available in the market. They are easy to apply, and are often absorbed by your skin at a very fast pace, as compared to other option that may be available in the market. Creams are manufactured using a host of other ingredients; all meant to assist you soothe the skin surface.


Apart from using creams, you can also rely on the razor bump liquids to soothe the bumps. Liquid treatments are available in the form of aftershave solutions, and will often contain alcohol as one of their main ingredient.

Apart from using it on your pubic area, you can also apply the aftershave treatment in other areas you intend to shave such as your legs as well as your underarms. Normally, you will be required to apply this solution directly to the skin surface after you are done shaving to get the best possible results.

Here is a video on how to get rid and avoid razor bumps on vagina and other arears after shaving;


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